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When an Emergency Arrives and you are in uncharted territory, it can be scary and you feel vulnerable.  Those are the times when you need a partner that will guide you and take all of the fear and uncertainty out of your Emergency Situation.  Air Ambulance 911 is one of the most experienced and trusted private air ambulance services in Latin America and the USA. Our clients value our expertise and outstanding level of patient care, as well as our commitment to ensure that we provide a service that goes above and beyond industry standards.

At any time that you or your loved one needs a critical air ambulance transport Air Ambulance 911 will be your best solution.

To confirm with every flight that we are the best and most trusted air ambulance company in our market. 
Is to help people when they are having the worse day of their lives. Our long experience of helping people is a constant reminder of the struggle that patients in distance locations go thru. It’s our mission to make the whole process as fluent and weariness for the patient and family members. 
  • Air Medical Transport Air Ambulance Services both Domestic & International

  • Medical Escort Services offering true Bed to Bed advantages

  • Organ Transportation Services on a 24/7 Availability

  • VIP Transportation using Lear Jets or Mid-Size Jets

  • Insurance Reimbursements for patients who can’t do it themselves

  • Bilingual Staffing English/Spanish

  • Repatriations

We are an air ambulance company that specializes in medical evacuation efforts.
We have experience with all the people involved in the emergency flight process.
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